Smörgåsbord Vol. 3: Porta-Party

Smörgåsbord Vol. 3: Porta-Party

Smörgåsbord Vol. 3: Porta-Party marks the third installment of the highly-acclaimed psychedelic downtempo series. Compiled by Jeremy’s Aura and brought to you by Omnitropic in collaboration with The Psychedelic Muse and, this eclectic release is filled to the brim with a wide range of styles and sounds. As usual, it was a total pleasure and honor to work with so many talented people and provide a platform for each artist to push their own boundaries. Enjoy a light-hearted collection of serious music; for the people, from the people. Additional credits: guitar on track 8 by Justin Strode; original artwork and mastering by Jeremy Costa.

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Released under a Creative Commons license for noncommercial usage. Love downtempo and chill-out music? Discover, a portal to a community of creative thinkers, open minds, and loving souls in the multiverse of psychedelic chill-out and downtempo.

Track Listing

01 – Spiral Minded – Sentient Salami (110 BPM)

02 – Nibana – Hubble Flow (90 BPM)

03 – beatfarmer – Jedi Shake (95 BPM)

04 – TRD – Flum (122 BPM)

05 – Emog – The Truth (134 BPM)

06 – Globular – An Upwards Curve In The Horizon (Jeremy’s Aura Remix) (96 BPM)

07 – Maiia – Fusion Age (Full Band Live Version) (90 BPM)

08 – Oglob – Orts Of Numbles (94 BPM)

09 – Tron Sepia – The Freshmaker (78 BPM)

10 – Spacey Koala x Radioactive Sandwich x Nibana x Tron Sepia x Jeremy’s Aura – Magnifica S (108 BPM)

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